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Seeking a deeper connection to Judaism?

B'ruchim Haba'im - Welcome to the Jewish Collaborative of Orange County (JCoOC), a creative Jewish space dedicated to helping people connect their personal passions to Judaism and build community.  We believe in partnership and collaboration as a vehicle to strengthen Jewish ties, and are committed to innovating, supporting and collaborating on a wide range of programs that enrich the landscape of Jewish life locally and nationally.

JCoOC is a Jewish Empowerment Zone, where new ideas can be shared and realized through open-hearted networking and support. Our virtual tent is a place where Jewish artists, activists, students of all ages and interests, healers and helpers can find or create an outlet for Jewish expression and inspire others.

We hope you will explore our colorful palette of worship, cultural and social opportunities, and sign up to receive our weekly emails. We may be offering just what you were looking for!


Support the good work of the Collaborative! Participate in / Donate to our annual Pickleball Fundraiser

Postponed to Sunday, June 9th due to rain

Help JCoOC support Israel and our community
Register here for our June 9th fun-raising afternoon
All player levels welcome. New to pickleball? Join our clinic!




This Month's Calendar

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat
Chol Hamoed Pesach
5th Day Omer
6th Day Omer
     6:00pm OC Egal
  • 8:16pm Candle Lighting
7th Day Omer
8th Day Omer
     6:00pm OC Egal
10th Day Omer
  • 7:19pm Candle Lighting
Shabbat Mevarchim
11th Day Omer
Achrei Mot
  • 8:28pm Havdalah
Rosh Chodesh Iyyar
15th Day Omer
     6:00pm OC Egal
17th Day Omer
  • 7:24pm Candle Lighting
18th Day Omer
  • 8:33pm Havdalah
19th Day Omer
     6:00pm OC Egal
Yom Ha'Atzmaut
21st Day Omer
22nd Day Omer
     6:00pm OC Egal
24th Day Omer
  • 7:29pm Candle Lighting
25th Day Omer
  • 8:38pm Havdalah
27th Day Omer
28th Day Omer
     6:00pm OC Egal
Pesach Sheni
29th Day Omer
     6:00pm OC Egal
31st Day Omer
  • 7:34pm Candle Lighting
32nd Day Omer
  • 8:43pm Havdalah
Lag B'Omer
33rd Day Omer
     6:00pm OC Egal
34th Day Omer
     6:00pm OC Egal
35th Day Omer
     6:00pm OC Egal
36th Day Omer
     6:00pm OC Egal
38th Day Omer
     6:00pm Shabbat Service & Dinner
  • 7:39pm Candle Lighting
Shabbat Mevarchim
39th Day Omer
  • 8:47pm Havdalah


Mon, May 20 2024 12 Iyyar 5784