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Dayenu Circle of OC

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When we think about the climate crisis, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the scale of the challenge, and skeptical of our capacity as individuals to make a meaningful difference.

A Dayenu Circle can provide a center of gravity, enabling us to align Jewish values with the change we seek to make in the world. We can do this work together not only to take effective action to confront the climate crisis, but to sustain ourselves and our spirits as we act. Rooted in community and drawing on Jewish wisdom and experience supports us as we move from fear and anxiety to courageous action.

What is a Dayenu Circle and why would I want to be part of it?

Dayenu Circles—small groups of people working on climate action—are a way for you to make powerful, positive change with a Jewish voice. Together with just a few friends, fellow community members, or neighbors you can join or create a Dayenu Circle that can be your homebase for climate action.

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About Dayenu

What is Dayenu?

Dayenu is a multi-generational movement of American Jews confronting the climate crisis with spiritual audacity and bold political action. Dayenu Circles across the country enable us to mobilize overwhelming Jewish support for climate solutions and raise up a spiritual, religious, and moral voice in response to the climate crisis.


Climate work and justice are deeply intertwined. The impact of the climate crisis rests disproportionately on those who have been historically marginalized: people living in poverty, in particularly vulnerable geographies, and people who experience racism and other kinds of bigotry such as Black, Brown and Indigenous communities.

By centering communities facing the impacts of the climate crisis and inequity, we can begin to dismantle inhumane systems, establish a just and equitable clean energy economy, and build a livable, sustainable world. That’s why Dayenu and its Circles work arm-in-arm with communities that are directly impacted by, and most vulnerable to, the climate crisis, raising our voices alongside theirs. We must together envision and build a new reality, one that dismantles the insidious racism that has long infected our country and our world, and that sets us on a path to a just and sustainable future.

We’re committed to ensuring that Dayenu Circles can ground themselves in justice by helping Circles build relationships with impacted communities and enabling Circles to bring a justice lens to their learning and action. For tips on how to get started, see this resource on grounding your work in equity and justice.


Dayenu Circles can be based in your home or community and can include friends, neighbors, or colleagues. You can also set up a Dayenu Circle with a group of students on your campus, members at your synagogue, JCC, or existing Jewish environmental or social justice group. Some circles may include 5-15 people; others may have more. Circles meet at least monthly, creating a shared space to take bold action on climate grounded in our Jewish values and beliefs.

There is no fee associated with joining or starting a Dayenu Circle, but there is an expectation that Circles contribute to the broader movement by participating in at least 2-3 national Dayenu campaigns or calls to action per year and learning and sharing opportunities such as network calls and webinars, trainings, leadership gatherings, and more.

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