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Heritage Pointe Garden Project

Liam Alfi (Hebrew name Avi) is helping raise money to create multiple gardens for the residents at Heritage Pointe. All money raised will go directly to Heritage Pointe and he can’t wait to see how your generosity will make the gardens bloom now and in years to come.
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“One generation goes and another generation comes; but the earth remains forever.” -Ecclesiastes 1:4

It is no accident that the Hebrew word for human (Adam) is derived from the Hebrew word for earth (Adamah). Living creatures are intertwined with the natural world in our entirety, as taught in Genesis 3:19: "By the sweat of your brow shall you get bread to eat, until you return to the ground from where you were taken. For dust you are, and to dust you shall return."
Showing reverence, love and care for the natural world is as important as showing respect for animals and other human beings. If we want to be honest about it, we could be doing better at all three - especially to our foundational mother (Earth)!
Global warming is the existential issue of our time.  Jewish environmental activists are working tirelessly and creatively to be proactive in helping people make necessary changes in lifestyle and working with state and federal policy makers to institute important legislation for environmental protections. The Jewish Collaborative is committed to nurturing a vibrant Jewish Earth Justice movement in Orange County.
We support the missions of courageous national organizations like Hazon, Dayenu, Wilderness Torah and Shamayim as well as local leaders like the Environmental Nature Center and the Ecology Center. Please click on the logos (below) to these organizations to learn more about how to get involved, and stay tuned to our broadening work as a Jewish voice and actor for environmental causes and protection.  
The time to act is NOW!


LOCAL Environmental Stewardship Organizations:
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Sat, March 2 2024 22 Adar I 5784