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Pathways Into Judaism Courses

New cohort began Sunday, April 11
Registration is now closed)
This 18-week Pathways Into Judaism course is for anyone looking to explore and/or enrich their knowledge about what Judaism has to offer as a spiritual path, evolving culture, and sacred way of life. Taught by Rabbis Marcia Tilchin and Noam Raucher.

This course will begin again fall 2021. Email for more information.


This class is designed for students new to Hebrew decoding and a great refresher for people that want to review their reading skills.  The linguistic focus will be on building skills to increase comfort with prayerbook Hebrew.

This course will begin again summer 2021. Email for more information.


Based on the curriculum created by the National Jewish Outreach Program (A Crash Course in Jewish History), we will survey Jewish history from Abraham’s discovery of One God (1800 BCE) through the creation of the State of Israel in the middle of the 20th century CE.  Our final class will cover changing Jewish demography in the last 40 years.

The next session will begin fall 2021. Email to find out when the next session will be offered.

Thu, December 2 2021 28 Kislev 5782